Peter Hook & The Light Performing Substance – Joy Division & New Order Debut Concerts


Peter Hook & The Light Performing Substance – Joy Division & New Order  Debut Concerts

Glasgow / Manchester / London – September 2016

Substance New Order LR

Spider Touring Present An Evening With Peter Hook & The Light

Performing “Substance” – Joy Division & New Order

Thursday 15th September 2016       Glasgow Barrowlands

Friday 16th September 2016            Manchester 02 Apollo

Saturday 17th September 2016        London Kentish Town Forum

Tickets on pre-sale – Monday 2nd November 2015

General Sale Wednesday 4th November 2015

Full Details At

Substance Joy Division LR

With newly announced dates across three major cities, Peter Hook & The Light are to perform Joy Division and New Order’s legendary Factory Records compilation albums “Substance” live, sequentially and in their entireties. The debut shows will take place in September 2016.

The Light’s first concert takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow on Thursday 15th September before a hometown show at the 02 Apollo in Manchester on Friday 16th September. The final date will take place in London at the Kentish Town Forum on Saturday 17th September.

Released in August 1987, New Order’s Substance was originally conceived as a way for Factory Records boss, Tony Wilson, to play the New Order singles on the CD player of his new Jaguar car. Substance became the best selling New Order album ever upon its release, the double LP going on to sell 2 million copies in America alone.

Widely considered New Order’s strongest album, “their most popular, well known, highly rated and arguably the most influential” (Sputnik Music), Factory Records’ 200th release featured the bands seminal 12″ mixes of their singles as well as versions of ‘Confusion’ and Temptation re-recorded for the LP.

Running from “Ceremony” in 1981 up to “True Faith” in 1987 (again recorded especially for the album), the set takes in the high points of New Order’s catalogue, including “Temptation”, “Thieves Like Us”, “The Perfect Kiss” and “Bizarre Love Triangle”.

Released the following year in July 1988, Joy Division’s Substance features all the singles which did not appear on the albums such as “Transmission”, “Komakino”, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “Atmosphere”, as well as their b-sides, tracks from their EP “An Ideal For Living” and the Factory Records sampler.

Factory Records’ 250th release, it begins with “Warsaw” and takes in the development of the band through “Digital” and “Dead Souls” to the band’s final tracks. The collection demonstrates the same energy as a full length LP with several key B-sides added.

Allmusic called it “the best adjunct to the two albums anyone could want.”

Peter Hook & The Light have toured Joy Division and New Order’s albums extensively since debuting “Unknown Pleasures” back in 2010 with dates all across the world which have been very well received by critics and fans alike. (See below for review quotes.)

The announcement of the Substance dates comes with The Light about to perform their biggest Manchester gig to date at the fully sold out Manchester Academy on Friday 30th October 2015.

For videos and concert footage from The Light check / /

On “Substance” – Joy Division

“Substance, in all of its 17 tracks, provides the perfect snapshot of the all-too-short career of the post-punk legends… Although an entirely different experience from either Joy Division  album, Substance is a perfectly ordered compilation with nothing but amazing singles filling up its 60+ minute running time.” Sputnik Music

On “Substance” – New Order

“This assemblage of 12-inch singles and remixes charts New Order’s transformation from gloom rockers to electro-disco pioneers. Club hits like “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle” are full of bass melodies that beat-loving guitar bands are still trying to figure out.”

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time

“Although the group enjoyed many great moments after this point, Substance should still be their time capsule release. Almost taken for granted, the way New Order brought the underground dance sounds of the US to the indie mainstream could well make them one of the most significant groups ever.” BBC Music

On Peter Hook And The Light Live

“Peter Hook & The Light have developed into a well-oiled machine that – whisper it – actually deliver these songs better than the current line-up of New Order….they’ve become an impressive tour de force more than worthy of associating themselves with arguably two of the finest back catalogues in rock and roll history.”  Drowned In Sound

‘A masterclass in euphoria and heartache in equal measure…. The chronology of the set played perfectly as high spirits continued to grow right up until the end of the show.” Gigwise

“This is New Order reinvigorated, reenergized; Hooky has arguably reclaimed the songs and is delivering them with heart and soul.” – Louder Than War

“It was certainly one of those special shows were the venue, artist, and fans all clicked perfectly to make for a very memorable experience and a blazing hot and awesome show by a legendary artist and performer, who in my opinion is the heart and soul of New Order keeping the most authentic live performance of their music alive for old and new fans.” Rock Subculture

“By focusing solely on the music, and allowing the songs inherent structure to do the heavy lifting instead of blowing them up into pseudo-stadium cuts, their inherent virtues were that much more apparent. Frankly, these songs rock…..This is Peter Hook and his band taking a chance, dusting off wrongly ignored tunes, and kicking ass. “Punk News

Hacienda Classical at the Royal Albert Hall London




Wednesday 23rd March 2016

With Special Guests


Having sold out two dates in Manchester in a matter of minutes, FAC 51 The Hacienda and Manchester Carmerata, the city’s experimental orchestra are to bring Hacienda Classical to London with a special event at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 23rd March.

The Manchester events became some of the fastest ever selling shows at The Bridgewater Hall and see the Camerata collaborate with the DJ’s who shaped The Haçienda’s sound – Mike Pickering and Graeme Park – for a night of classic dance music, innovatively adapted and arranged especially for the occasion.

The debut London date takes place the week of Easter 2016, and the “Haçienda Classical” concerts mark the first time that DJ’s from The Haçienda have performed with a full live orchestra in what will prove a unique meeting of worlds.

The legendary DJ’s will select and perform a continuous set of signature Haçienda tracks from the history of dance music alongside the orchestra performing in this innovative live fusion event where the impressive surroundings of The Royal Albert Hall will be transformed for the night.

On Haçienda Classical

“I’m thrilled to be working with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra on this unique and exciting collaboration. I’m also very excited and slightly nervous about performing at The Royal Albert Hall. The combination of classic, timeless house music fused with an experimental classical orchestra is going to sound incredible in this historical, iconic venue. ” Graeme Park

‘Manchester is known for doing things differently, which is why we’re redefining what an orchestra can do. The Manchester gigs sold out within minutes, so we jumped at the chance to perform live with Mike and Graeme at the Royal Albert Hall.’ Bob Riley, Manchester Camerata CEO

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

The Royal Albert Hall, London

Tickets On Sale : 10am Friday 30th October 2015.

New Order – Music Complete – Webmaster Review

Music Complete –  Webmaster Review.

no music complete

Firstly i HATE doing reviews, i usually end up writing them out twenty times and scrapping them,  i usually let my partner write them for me, not because i am lazy but simply because she is far better at it than i am.

I also struggle with words and was never really interested at school, something that my mother reminds me about on a regular basis 😉 so if you were wanting an extremely long review with loads of long words then i suggest you look away now…

To really appreciate an album and find its true worth, one has to take time and digest the sound as every listen reveals something new, something not heard before. one listen is definitely not enough to appreciate any record let alone a New Order Record.

Many people had already written Music Complete off before its release and the debates on the various Facebook pages from the “two camps” were quite funny to read.
I say to these people on a regular basis, we have a new album from NO, they are doing gigs, Hooky is on permanent tour with the Light so  we have NEVER had it so good have we? Really?

You have to keep an open mind about these things and not be swayed by others opinions, did i want a new New Order album, yes.

One thing has annoyed me about the reviews in the Music Press, the usual luvvies have heralded Music Complete as “The finest album since Technique” or  “Technique two”.
Being that Technique was foremost in my mind during the heady days of my youth, how can ANYONE compare the two albums?

Is Music Complete “Technique two” ? Is it? lets find out shall we.

Secondly, We have had a few tracks previewed on various Radio 1 shows and try as i might to avoid them until i actually got the physical cd in my hands i simply couldn’t…

One other thing, Mute have done a fantastic job of keeping Music Complete off the torrent sites, apparently it was a one time listen affair for journos . The album DID appear on the torrent sites last Tuesday or Wednesday and my inbox was full of emails and zip files, should i open them, can i wait until i actually have it in my hands? What a dilemma…

Anyway enough from me, here’s my review i hope you like it, if you don’t then that’s your own opinion..

All words and spelling mistakes / shocking grammar are mine and all mine, so if the “Facebook Police of Bad Grammar” want to pull me up about it then don’t let it worry you, it certainly doesn’t worry me….

1 – Restless -Wouldnt have been my first choice as a single but very very clever of the band to put this one out. First heard it on Radio one and i wasnt that impressed BUT after many listens its a very good track and definately a grower. 8/10

2 – Singularity -Not the first time i have heard it as it was first played live at lollapalooza Chile in March 2014. This is beyond any shadow of a doubt the best track on the album for me and has hit record written all over it. Going out on a limb here but Singularity is on par with Vanishing Point and True Faith as far as i am concerned. Why? It has every ingredient a long standing New Order fan needs and i found myself being transported back to my 16 year old self, constantly playing this track over and over again. If i could give this track 11 out of ten then i would but as i cant then this is definately 10/10!

3 – Plastic – Again another track i have heard before , echoes of Donna Summer and a bit of Sylvester thrown in for good measure the listener could be tricked into thinking this was a pure disco classic UNTIL the track moves direction around the 4 minute 30 mark with an absolutely stonking section that could have come straight out of any Ibiza superclub.Normal service is then resumed at the 5.19 mark. All in all a great track that will erm appeal to the older listener and newbie alike 9.5 /10.

4 – Tutti Frutti – i wasnt too sure when i first heard Tutti but heavy rotation soon put paid to initial fears i had, definately a grower and its one of those tracks you sure you have heard before. Elly Jackson of LaRoux provides backings vocals ans fits in seamlessly alongside Bernard.On further reflection this track is the absolute bomb and i cant stop playing it! easily 10/10!

5 – People on the high line – This is one track you would never think New Order could or would ever put out, absolute funk! I personally would have left the keyboard parts out and let the funk roll! I am almost sure i can hear Nile Rodgers from Chic in there and a few others too! 7.5 / 10

6 – Stray Dog – Iggy pop vocal – I HATED this one from the get-go as the yanks say . Many plays later, i am still not sure about it,only time will tell i suppose. Iggy growls like a grizzly bear and this spoken word track doesnt really sit well with the other tracks, but seeing as they have attracted such a legend to perform on a track then i’d go 6/10.

7 – Academic  – Melancholy  and Techniquesque, another one i listened to over and over again. Excellent lyrics and the track itself could be best described as an “all rounder” 7/10

8 – Nothing but a fool – The beginning reminds me of a cross between Bon Jovi and U2 (Sorry NO) Excellent guitar but nothing that really shouts out, i wonder if this was originally a Bad Lieutenant track? 6/10

9 – Unlearn This Hatred – Tom Rowlands of the Chems produced this one and you can tell straight away, good but not in the same class as Singularity. This one will also be a grower. 7.5/10

10 – The Game – My least favourite track on the album, there isnt anything that drives it. The guitar work is good but needs “pepping up” a little. 6/10

11 – Superheated – Brandon Flowers vocal – Never a massive fan of the Killers, missus loves em, although i suspect her love is for pretty boy Brandon rather than the music..  Are we human or are we not dancers? – Not for me, seems like a “filler” track and the flowers vocal grates on me, but i AM biased… 6/10

To sum up…

Do i like it – Yes
Is it Technique two? – No but not far off.
I like the diversity of the tracks and i LOVE Tutti Frutti, erm i may have mentioned this before..
Thats a wrap as they say, told you i wasnt that good with words…
One more thing, to the band and Mute if they are reading, Singularity MUST be released as a single as this has hit written all over it and the fan base will be bitterly dissapointed if it is not released !

To all New Order fans across the globe, enjoy.

Music Complete also looks certain to gain the number two spot in the UK Charts, so it MUST be good musnt it?

Buy Music Complete from any good music store or on click on the links on the Official New Order site:

For those who Pre-ordered the Box Set – It ships in November!

Steve 29/9/15

New Order – Music Complete – What are your Thoughts?

no music complete

As you will all no doubt know the first studio album namely Music Complete from 5 piece New Order (minus Hooky) was out yesterday.
The music press hailed it as the finest New Order album Since Technique and has generally recieved positive reviews in the music press and beyond.
What do you think?
Good / Bad?
I will do a review of Music Complete but need a while for it to “sink in”
I will let you all know when the review is up :)

Hacienda Classical – New Date Added!




Friday 5th February 2016 – 7pm to 11pm

NEW DATE ADDED – 12/2/16 – On Sale Weds!

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
With Special Guests & Manchester Camerata Orchestra

FAC 51 The Haçienda and Manchester Camerata, the city’s experimental orchestra, are to collaborate with the DJ’s who shaped The Haçienda’s sound – Mike Pickering and Graeme Park – for a night of Haçienda classics.

“Haçienda Classical” marks the first time that Haçienda DJ’s have performed with a live orchestra in a unique meeting of worlds.

The renowned DJs will select and perform a continuous set of signature Haçienda tracks alongside the 40 strong orchestra in the innovative live fusion event which will see The Bridgewater Hall transformed for the night by FAC 51.

Special guest artists to be announced.

On Haçienda Classical

“I’m thrilled to be involved in such an exciting project. Having Manchester Camerata playing Haçienda hits is a mouth watering prospect. A classical rave indeed!” Mike Pickering

“I’m extremely excited to be working alongside FAC51 The Haçienda, Mike Pickering and Manchester Camerata to present a selection of classic Haçienda tunes performed live by an orchestra in Manchester, the undisputed home of the UK acid house revolution. When I play a classic piece of late 80s or early 90s house I’m struck at how much more melody and musicality there is compared to many of today’s big dance tunes. There’s lots of layers and depth for an orchestra to get involved in. The passion, romance and energy of the original house masters has stood the test of time and I think we’re going to blow some minds and take the euphoria of Nude nights at The Haçienda to a whole new mind blowing level. I really can’t wait.” Graeme Park

‘Manchester Camerata is renowned for eclectic collaborations, so we jumped at the chance when we were approached to work with Mike and Graeme. Haçienda is synonymous with revolutionary dance music, so we’re looking forward to presenting a different take on that iconic sound.’ Bob Riley, Manchester Camerata CEO

Friday 5th February 2016
The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Tickets On Sale : 10am Friday 18th September 2015.

Direct Link –

A limited number of VIP packages are available. Details at





“This is New Order reinvigorated, reenergized; Hooky has arguably reclaimed the songs and is delivering them with heart and soul.” – Louder Than War

All Shows “Low-Life”/ “Brotherhood” And Feature All Material 1983 – 1987
“From Confusion To True Faith” With Opening Set Joy Division Material
Thursday 17th September 2015                   The Venue Derby
Friday 18th September 2015                        Guildhall Gloucester
Saturday 19th September 2015                    Holmfirth Picture House
Thursday 24th September 2015                   Glasgow Arts School (Sold Out)
Friday 25th September 2015                        Hull City Hall
Saturday 26th September 2015                    Nottingham Rescue Rooms (Sold Out)
Thursday 1st October 2015                          Chinnerys, Southend
Friday 2nd October 2015                             The Brook, Southampton
Saturday 3rd October 2015                          The Assembly Rooms, Leamington
Friday 6th November 2015                          Concorde, Brighton
Thursday 26th November 2015                   Dolans Warehouse, Limerick (Sold Out)
Friday 27th November 2015                        The Academy, Dublin
Saturday 28th November 2015                    Mandela Hall, Belfast
In their first full UK tour perform New Order’s third and fourth albums, “Low Life” and “Brotherhood”,  Peter Hook & The Light take to the road for a string of dates in late September and early October 2015, returning to many venues where the band’s previous shows have sold out and been very well received.
The shows mark  the first opportunity to see the LPs and singles performed in full in England and Scotland since the debut Manchester and London concerts in last September and the one off night at The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge in December just gone.
Dates begin the third weekend of September with the first date Thurs 17th Sept at The Venue Derby with visits to Guild Hall Gloucester on the Friday 18th  and a return to Holmfirth Picture House Sat 19th of that weekend.
The following week, the last of September, the band are at Glasgow Arts School Thurs 24th Sept with shows the following days at Hull City Hall, and The Rescue Rooms. Nottingham.
The final of the three weekends brings dates at Chinnerys in Southend Thurs 1st Oct with a date in Southampton Fri 2nd Oct before the first part of the tour finishes up Sat 3rd Oct at The Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa.
The Nottingham and Glasgow dates have already sold out as has the Manchester Academy Anniversary concert on Friday 30th October.
A return to Concorde 2 in Brighton Fri 6th Nov precedes three dates in Ireland, Limerick Thurs 26th Nov which is sold out with dates at The Academy Dublin Fri 27th Nov and Mandela Hall Belfast Sat 28th Nov.
As has become standard, Hooky and The Light will  be supporting themselves at the concerts performing a selection of Joy Division material.
The concerts will include the singles and B-sides from New Order’s most prolific period. From August 1983 up to 1987, taking the audience from “Confusion” to “True Faith”, with both “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” performed in full alongside all the other tracks from that fans consider New Order’s greatest period including “Thieves Like Us” “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “The Perfect Kiss” and many more.
Both the singles and the albums for this period stand out as some of the finest work ever produced by the band and marking the high period of New Order artistically. The critical plaudits heaped upon “Power, Corruption & Lies” were followed by similar notices for “Low-Life” and “Brotherhood”, which are considered as a trio as the band’s greatest albums.
Releasing “Low Life” in 1985 alongside epic single “The Perfect Kiss”, whose 9 minute 12 inch mix is considered one of the best of the decade, “Low Life” has made many regard it as New Order’s most complete single album. Aside from the singles, the album contains many great records that have entered the canon, including “This Time Of Night”, “Sunrise”, “Elegia”, “Sooner Than You Think”, and the album’s closer “Face Up”, an energetic club track.
 “Brotherhood” itself took a unique approach, splitting the rock side of the band to the first side of the album, with tracks “Paradise”, “As It Is When It Was” and “Way Of Life”, whereas the flip side was electronic, taking in the two singles and also “Every Second Counts”.
The Light’s concerts run up to 1987 when New Order enjoyed their biggest international hit “True Faith”.
Peter Hook & The Light’s “Lowlife” & “Brotherhood” shows chart New Order’s final stage of evolution from the post punk of Joy Division to defining themselves as electro pop pioneers at the cutting edge of the emerging club scene in the mid to late Eighties.
For videos and concert footage from The Light check /
“And that’s how you play The Perfect Kiss!” An emphatic Peter Hook, rock and roll’s greatest bass player, is apparently a skilled mind reader as well, as he pulled that quote right out of my head to shout back through his microphone after playing the best rendition of the classic song that I’d ever heard.
“It was certainly one of those special shows were the venue, artist, and fans all clicked perfectly to make for a very memorable experience and a blazing hot and awesome show by a legendary artist and performer, who in my opinion is the heart and soul of New Order keeping the most authentic live performance of their music alive for old and new fans.” Rock Subculture
“By focusing solely on the music, and allowing the songs inherent structure to do the heavy lifting instead of blowing them up into pseudo-stadium cuts, their inherent virtues were that much more apparent. Frankly, these songs rock…..This is Peter Hook and his band taking a chance, dusting off wrongly ignored tunes, and kicking ass. “Punk News