$15,000 for Ian Curtis & Joy Division Autographs!

Very rarely (if ever) do we ever see any Ian Curtis signatures, but if you have VERY deep pockets then for a mere $15,000 USD you could be the very proud owner of a SIGNED by Ian Curtis & Joy Division Unknown Pleasures LP.

Unknown pleasures signed

Somewhat expensive but this particular specimen would have the experts at the Antiques Roadshow salivating!

Funnily enough the record was originally owned by non other than Mark Tracey, resident Antiques Roadshow expert:

Mark Stacey


The record was signed on October 4th, 1979 – City Hall, Newcastle when Joy Division played a gig supporting The Buzzcocks.

I would have imagined that 16 year old Mark would have been well impressed!

You wouldn’t really expect an Antiques Roadshow expert to have been a Joy Division fan now would you!

Anyway, seeing as though i have been inundated, here’s the Ebay Link to the Auction in Question: