Discographies F.A.Q.


Q – How did you compile the Discography?

A – The discography was compiled using various sources, mostly from my own personal collection and from fellow New Order fans and collectors who have submitted a mass of information to the site. The form of the discography is loosely based on the niagara discography,Although the NoW Discography is now far more comprehensive than the afore mentioned one, in fact the NoW Discography is by far the most comprehensive NO Discography in the entire history of the world!


Q – You seem to have loads of pictures that have never been seen before, how did you get them?
A – I am friends with many worldwide collectors who gratiously send me pictures of  rare items to use on www.neworderweb.net



Q – Can i copy and paste the entire Discographies for my own use?

A – No, all items must remain the property of the site and copyrighted to the webmaster@neworderweb.net


Q – Can i use some of your pictures?

A – No, as many people have contributed their own pictures it would not be fair to copy them for your own use.


Q – Why haven’t you included bootlegs to the discographies?

A – As the aim of the site is to promote New Order and the various side projects, and the fact that the band does not earn any money from bootleg recordings, they will NOT be included in any of the discographies.


Q – What are the flags and letters at the side of every release?

A – The flags are from the particular country the item was released in, for example Canadian flag CA – indicates a Canadian release.

A Full list of Country Abbreviations are available further down this page.


Q – Will the discographies be updated further?

A – Yes, as there are more items that are constantly being discovered in varying countries, the site will be updated as soon as i collate the information.


Q – Can you do me a CDR copy of an item?

A – No, as the aim of the site is to promote New Order and the various side projects we will not copy any items.


Country Flags and Abbreviations

flag AB Suadi Arabia
flag AE United Arab Emirates
flag AR Argentina
flag AU Australia
flag BE Belgium
flag BZ Brasil
flag CA Canada
flag CL Chile
flag CO Colombia
flag DK Denmark
flag EU European Union
flag FR France
flag GE Germany
flag GR Greece
flag HK Hong Kong
flag HO Holland
flag ID Indonesia
flag IS Israel
flag IT Italy
flag JP Japan
flag KO Korea
flag MA Malaysia
flag NL Netherlands
flag NZ New Zealand
flag PG Portugal
flag PH Philippines (PP*)
flag PL Poland
flag SA South Africa (SF**)
flag SG Singapore
flag SP Spain
flag SW Sweden
flag TH Thailand
flag TW Taiwan
flag UK United Kingdom
flag UR Uruguay
flag US USA

* Some earlier entries ‘PP’
** Some earlier entries ‘SF’
*** All Benelux entries are assigned to BE

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Discography Contributors

Neil Donkin, D.Remmer, R.P Kernin, Nick King, Alastair Murray, Michael Stein, Tim Cole, David Smith, Jonathon Walker , Chris Neumann,Vince Nzo, Daan Hoenraet ……to name but a few.


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