New Order – Music Complete – Webmaster Review

Music Complete –  Webmaster Review.

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Firstly i HATE doing reviews, i usually end up writing them out twenty times and scrapping them,  i usually let my partner write them for me, not because i am lazy but simply because she is far better at it than i am.

I also struggle with words and was never really interested at school, something that my mother reminds me about on a regular basis 😉 so if you were wanting an extremely long review with loads of long words then i suggest you look away now…

To really appreciate an album and find its true worth, one has to take time and digest the sound as every listen reveals something new, something not heard before. one listen is definitely not enough to appreciate any record let alone a New Order Record.

Many people had already written Music Complete off before its release and the debates on the various Facebook pages from the “two camps” were quite funny to read.
I say to these people on a regular basis, we have a new album from NO, they are doing gigs, Hooky is on permanent tour with the Light so  we have NEVER had it so good have we? Really?

You have to keep an open mind about these things and not be swayed by others opinions, did i want a new New Order album, yes.

One thing has annoyed me about the reviews in the Music Press, the usual luvvies have heralded Music Complete as “The finest album since Technique” or  “Technique two”.
Being that Technique was foremost in my mind during the heady days of my youth, how can ANYONE compare the two albums?

Is Music Complete “Technique two” ? Is it? lets find out shall we.

Secondly, We have had a few tracks previewed on various Radio 1 shows and try as i might to avoid them until i actually got the physical cd in my hands i simply couldn’t…

One other thing, Mute have done a fantastic job of keeping Music Complete off the torrent sites, apparently it was a one time listen affair for journos . The album DID appear on the torrent sites last Tuesday or Wednesday and my inbox was full of emails and zip files, should i open them, can i wait until i actually have it in my hands? What a dilemma…

Anyway enough from me, here’s my review i hope you like it, if you don’t then that’s your own opinion..

All words and spelling mistakes / shocking grammar are mine and all mine, so if the “Facebook Police of Bad Grammar” want to pull me up about it then don’t let it worry you, it certainly doesn’t worry me….

1 – Restless -Wouldnt have been my first choice as a single but very very clever of the band to put this one out. First heard it on Radio one and i wasnt that impressed BUT after many listens its a very good track and definately a grower. 8/10

2 – Singularity -Not the first time i have heard it as it was first played live at lollapalooza Chile in March 2014. This is beyond any shadow of a doubt the best track on the album for me and has hit record written all over it. Going out on a limb here but Singularity is on par with Vanishing Point and True Faith as far as i am concerned. Why? It has every ingredient a long standing New Order fan needs and i found myself being transported back to my 16 year old self, constantly playing this track over and over again. If i could give this track 11 out of ten then i would but as i cant then this is definately 10/10!

3 – Plastic – Again another track i have heard before , echoes of Donna Summer and a bit of Sylvester thrown in for good measure the listener could be tricked into thinking this was a pure disco classic UNTIL the track moves direction around the 4 minute 30 mark with an absolutely stonking section that could have come straight out of any Ibiza superclub.Normal service is then resumed at the 5.19 mark. All in all a great track that will erm appeal to the older listener and newbie alike 9.5 /10.

4 – Tutti Frutti – i wasnt too sure when i first heard Tutti but heavy rotation soon put paid to initial fears i had, definately a grower and its one of those tracks you sure you have heard before. Elly Jackson of LaRoux provides backings vocals ans fits in seamlessly alongside Bernard.On further reflection this track is the absolute bomb and i cant stop playing it! easily 10/10!

5 – People on the high line – This is one track you would never think New Order could or would ever put out, absolute funk! I personally would have left the keyboard parts out and let the funk roll! I am almost sure i can hear Nile Rodgers from Chic in there and a few others too! 7.5 / 10

6 – Stray Dog – Iggy pop vocal – I HATED this one from the get-go as the yanks say . Many plays later, i am still not sure about it,only time will tell i suppose. Iggy growls like a grizzly bear and this spoken word track doesnt really sit well with the other tracks, but seeing as they have attracted such a legend to perform on a track then i’d go 6/10.

7 – Academic  – Melancholy  and Techniquesque, another one i listened to over and over again. Excellent lyrics and the track itself could be best described as an “all rounder” 7/10

8 – Nothing but a fool – The beginning reminds me of a cross between Bon Jovi and U2 (Sorry NO) Excellent guitar but nothing that really shouts out, i wonder if this was originally a Bad Lieutenant track? 6/10

9 – Unlearn This Hatred – Tom Rowlands of the Chems produced this one and you can tell straight away, good but not in the same class as Singularity. This one will also be a grower. 7.5/10

10 – The Game – My least favourite track on the album, there isnt anything that drives it. The guitar work is good but needs “pepping up” a little. 6/10

11 – Superheated – Brandon Flowers vocal – Never a massive fan of the Killers, missus loves em, although i suspect her love is for pretty boy Brandon rather than the music..  Are we human or are we not dancers? – Not for me, seems like a “filler” track and the flowers vocal grates on me, but i AM biased… 6/10

To sum up…

Do i like it – Yes
Is it Technique two? – No but not far off.
I like the diversity of the tracks and i LOVE Tutti Frutti, erm i may have mentioned this before..
Thats a wrap as they say, told you i wasnt that good with words…
One more thing, to the band and Mute if they are reading, Singularity MUST be released as a single as this has hit written all over it and the fan base will be bitterly dissapointed if it is not released !

To all New Order fans across the globe, enjoy.

Music Complete also looks certain to gain the number two spot in the UK Charts, so it MUST be good musnt it?

Buy Music Complete from any good music store or on click on the links on the Official New Order site:

For those who Pre-ordered the Box Set – It ships in November!

Steve 29/9/15