Inside New Order – Peter Hook US Book Release and Signing info

Dey Street Books | Hardcover | January 31, 2017 | $35
“As raw, undiluted, and fitfully funny as its predecessors… It’s an unapologetic rock memoir, concerned less with legacy and more with what really went down: “the idea being to bring you the most complete and truthful record of life inside New Order as is humanly possible.” By that standard, the book is a marvelous success. A well-written and brutally honest remembrance of the glory days of rave culture.”
“The way Joy Division and New Order combined high art with base behaviour is well established but this book rides that tandem to new dimensions…but there’s much more than carnage.”
“Rock writing rarely tells us properly what a band treading water or in slow decline feels like from the inside. Hook does so memorably….For all his boisterous indestructability, this book often has a haunted quality, and is all the more powerful for it.”
“Epic rock tale of sex, drugs and jealousy… A must for fans, it’s wildly funny and revelatory.”
Following the tragic death of lead singer Ian Curtis on the eve of their first US Tour, Peter Hook and Joy Division’s remaining members resurrected themselves into what would become one of the most influential bands of the eighties. New Order’s distinctive sound – a fusion of post-punk and ground-breaking electronica – inspired and paved the way for the dance music revolution. Throughout their career, the band scaled the heights of success with huge hits including “Bizarre Love Triangle,” “Perfect Kiss,” “Regret” and “Blue Monday” – the biggest selling 12-inch single of all time.
Yet despite their renown, the band was entrenched in a battle between the visionary and the volatile, and their relationships were often fraught with tensions. SUBSTANCE: Inside New Order is packed with outrageous anecdotes and the “gleefully profane” (Entertainment Weekly) storytelling of his first two books, this is a no-holds barred, comprehensive history of New Order.  The candid memories and sense of humor displayed throughout will more than satisfy Hook’s fans and thrill new readers.
Including every New Order set list and tour itinerary, SUBSTANCE is also interspersed with “geek facts” about every piece of electronic equipment used to forge the sound that changed the direction of popular music, discographies, gigographies, and track-by-track analysis, as well as exclusive photographs and archival images from Peter’s personal collection. A compelling snapshot of the era, SUBSTANCE brings readers backstage to the 80s music scene in all its now nostalgic glory.
Peter Hook was born in Salford in 1956. He was a founding member of Joy Division and New Order and DJs internationally as well as touring both bands’ music with his band Peter Hook & The Light.  He also promotes The Hacienda and recent Hacienda Classical concerts all around the world.  Peter now lives in Cheshire with his wife Rebecca and children Heather, Jack and Jessica,
SUBSTANCE: Inside New Order
Dey Street Books / Hardcover / $35
On Sale: 1/31/17
ISBN: 9780062307972
E-Book ISBN: 9780062308016
Wednesday, February 1 at 7:00pm (doors at 6:30pm)
Saint Vitus Bar in partnership with WORD Bookstores
1120 Manhattan Avenue / Brooklyn, NY 11222
* Ticketed event (Q&A followed by book signing)
Thursday, February 2 at 7:00pm
Book Revue
313 New York Ave / Huntington, NY 11743
* Open to the public (Brief remarks followed by book signing)
Friday, February 3 at 8:30pm (doors at 7:30pm)
The Regent Theatre in partnership with Book Soup
448 S Main St / Los Angeles, CA 90013
* Ticketed event (Q&A followed by book signing)
Saturday, February 4 at 7:00pm
JCC of San Francisco
3200 California St / San Francisco, CA 94118
* Ticketed event (Q&A followed by book signing)

Fac51 Hacienda Xmas Party @ Sankeys 27/12/16



The Xmas Residents Party @ Sankeys

Tuesday 26th December / 10pm to 5am

Sankeys, Radium St Manchester, M4 6JG Tickets : £12 Earlybird / £15

Line Up – Mike Pickering, Graeme Park,  Greg Wilson, Jon Dasilva, Tom Wainwright, Allister Whitehead, Hewan Clarke & Chad Jackson /


Ticket Links –Skiddle –



For its annual Christmas event, FAC 51 The Hacienda brings together a team of eight of the club’s original residents at Sankeys on Saturday 27th December for a special event which celebrates the DJ’s who created FAC 51’s distinctive sound during the original clubs fifteen year run.


This set of residents were responsible for the musical direction of The Hacienda, playing week in, week out at the club, breaking the records that went on to influence dance music worldwide. These DJ’s remain masters of their craft and return to the club with them not only having shaped the music policy but with the club having shaped many of their careers.


Mike Pickering, who has found world-wide success with M People and as a record exec with Deconstruction and now Columbia Records, was the club’s original booking manager, hired prior to the club’s opening in May 1982 by his old friend and fellow City supporter Rob Gretton. Remaining at the club for a full decade, Mike worked across both the indie and the acid house eras of the club, remembering that, “it was wonderful prior to acid house. People didn’t come in there for a while but we still had an amazing time. Like 150 people, like it was very secret society. it was great. The Nude night, my Friday night started about 85 / 86 and was packed, even from the off.”


Graeme Park had  amassed a reputation for championing the development of house music at Nottingham’s The Bomb and first DJ’d at The Hac as well as playing live with Groove at February 1988’s “Northern House Revue”. When Mike took his first ever holiday in June of that year, Graeme was called in to deputise. “The whole night was amazing, within 20 minutes the whole place was packed which was a weird one as well. And then for three weeks I had an absolute ball, I didn’t want it to end. And then I got a call from Mike after I’d headed back to Nottingham the following week asking “Did I want to come and do it with him every week?” and I was like “Absolutely, yes!”.


Parky was to remain at FAC 51 for an unbroken eight year stint, first sharing the decks with Mike at Nude, then taking over the Saturday night from when the club split the Park / Pickering partnership across Fridays and Saturday in May 1991.


As well as Mike and Graeme, the Christmas party will throw back to the opening days of the club as “The Big H,  Hewan Clarke the first ever resident DJ comes to play a special set of early Eighties cuts reflecting the eclectic sounds that characterised the club early doors. Mixing his staple soul and jazz funk cuts with commercial early Eighties pop, Hewan was a veteran DJ in town by the time The Hacienda opened, having cut his teeth at clubs like The Nile, The Reno, Fevers and Berlin.


Meeting A Certain Ratio in a club and then Tony Wilson, Tony claimed Hewan was his second favourite DJ in the world, second only to New Yorks Frankie Crocker and made him The Hacienda’s debut resident which meant an almost week long residency.  “I was doing practically every night. Tony Wilson was very ahead of his time, saying that black music was going to be the next commercial dance music. I never thought like that in those days, I just got on with playing the music.”


Joining Hewan representing The Hacienda’s early years is   the legend that is Greg Wilson, resident during 1983 also brings his sublime selection of remixes and edits to the event. Although only resident for a four months before he left to manage Hac break dancing crew ,  Greg was to return to the decks in the early Noughties becoming much in demand and greatly acclaimed in the process.

Greg remembers The Hacienda thus ; ” The Haçienda was never a club in the conventional sense, somewhere underpinned by sound business logic – that was both its strength and its weakness. It was all about crazy dreamers, people like Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton and Mike Pickering, who kept believing, initially very much against the odds, that it would all somehow come together, which it eventually did in such a seismic way. I’m just happy to have played my bit part, helping sow the seeds that would lead to the venues phenomenal rise later in the decade.“|


Despite his American sounding name, Chad Jackson hails from the North West and also with Greg Wilson pioneered the art of mixing in the early Eighties, playing at clubs like Legends and Wigan Pier before being asked to take control of The Hacienda’s new Saturday night, “Big Noise” in 1985. Later responsible for the number one hit, “Hear The Drummer Get Wicked”, Chad was also crowned Technics/DMC World DJ Mixing Champion in 1987 and also may have been the first to play house music at the club.

I went record shopping at Spin Inn to get the freshest vinyl releases of that week and one week picked up JM Silk – ‘Music Is The Key’. I went crazy for the sound and started hammering it at the club, specifically the dub mix. Many cite Jessie Saunders ’On And On’ as the first house record and but as I remember it, ‘Music Is The Key’ was the first record I heard that had the full electronic, percussive, jacking sound that we now term as House Music. So I may have been one of the first people to play House Music at The Hacienda.

As the club entered the Acid House era, the mercurial Jon Dasilva, whose talents have seen him dubbed “the Eric Cantona of house music” was recruited to spin the emerging sounds of the underground at seminal nights including Hot, Wide, Void and Shiva. Admitting that “the Hacienda years were my formative DJ years, a period that forged my style and reputation”, Jon’s innovative style and use of soundtracks, as well as mixing in key came to inspire many DJ’s including a young Sasha who has consistently namechecked Jon as one of his key early influences.

About the early scene Jon commented that “initially, the scene was very small. You were only talking about a few hundred people really in what is a very big city but those few hundred people it changed their lives. It wasn’t just Manchester as well. The Wednesday night, the Hot night was a national event almost. You had Slam down there from Glasgow,  James Baillie who did Venus, Daddy G from Massive Attack. There were loads of future promoters as well, James Barton for example that were influenced by the Hacienda, The Hacienda really was Manchester’s acid house culture at the time.”

As the club re-opened in may 1991, Tom Wainwright became a resident to support Graeme Park on the club'[s new Saturday night. Considered more upmarket to its Friday night counterpart Shine which has replaced Nude,  the Saturday didnt officially have a name, instead being represented by a squiggle design.  Playing the cream of US house and garage, Tom would warm up for Graeme playing deep house and dubs and went on to remain on Saturday duty for five years up until 1996.

Playing at the club was huge for me.  I started going in 1987, and I used to go three or four times a week.  By the time I got to DJ there I’d spent several years on the dancefloor and had a pretty good idea about what made the club tick.  I was lucky enough to play at a lot of great clubs around the world, but for me nowhere really came close to playing at The Hacienda

And finally, over at Friday nights “Shine”, Allister Whitehead became a resident at the club in 1992. A long standing supporter of FAC 51, he echoes Tom’s sentiments in remembering how lucky he was to play the Hacienda – ” Not many DJ’s got the chance to play the Hacienda, it was like being asked to play for England“.  Originally covering for Mike when he was on tour and recording with M People, Allister remembers some very specials Fridays, including playing alongside Todd Terry and Kevin Saunderson, as wells as the infamous foam parties.

To play the Hacienda at full pelt was a rare thing for a DJ apart from Graeme and Mike. The memories I will l keep with me forever. I thank you Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, Peter Hook, Ang Mathews and everyone at the club.”


Hacienda Classical returns in 2017 !



“A near two hour blend of house music’s greatest players with an audience dancing and singing from the off. Dazzling mirror-ball speckles are flung out over a crowd whose jubilant euphoria almost blows the roof off.” – Mixmag

“Probably the best rave since 1997. A night of soaring synth riffs, euphoric drops, massive tunes.” NME

“The atmosphere was incredible.” The Times – Five Stars

Following huge critical acclaim and phenomenal demand FAC 51 The Haçienda and Manchester Camerata, the city’s experimental orchestra are bringing back  Haçienda Classical in 2017 with a brand new soundtrack for the concerts.The incredible show sees the DJ’s who shaped The Haçienda’s sound – Mike Pickering and Graeme Park – collaborate with the Camerata for a night of classic dance music,  innovatively adapted and arranged especially for the occasion.

As The Hacienda’s dance heritage collided with the world of classical music, reactions to the concerts have  been widely celebrated with dates selling out in minutes and great audience responses from the gigs.

Moving into its second year, the tour returns to venues that hosted this year’s inspirational nights, recreating the seminal tracks that defined a generation at the original club, renewed afresh and rearranged with a classical orchestra.

The new Haçienda Classical show will debut at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro Arena on Saturday 22nd April before returning once again to the prestigious London’s Royal Albert Hall on Friday 26th May.

Rounding up this trio of dates is the Manchester homecoming event as the production rolls back into Castlefield Bowl for another very special night Saturday 1st July after eight thousand people came to the arena last summer.

All the Hacienda Classical Manchester, London and Glasgow shows were fully sold out in 2016 and the tickets for the 2017 shows are sure to be hugely in demand.

Following the success of the live shows “Hacienda Classical” the album is to be released this Friday 21st October by Sony Music. The LP features the full live set of this year’s concerts and includes versions of “Someday”, “You Don’t Know Me”, “String Of Live”/ Good Life as well as Rowetta’s stunning encore of “You Got The Love”. Order the album here –

Accompanying the album release, Channel4 are to screen an exclusive documentary, “Hacienda House Orchestra” charting the concerts from first rehearsal through to Castlefield. This airs just after midnight Thurs 20th / Fri 21st Oct at 00:05.

Tickets go on sale 10am on Saturday 22nd October 2016 for the Manchester and London dates via /  and 0844 811 0051 / 0844 826 2826.

Direct link here –

For the Glasgow date, tickets are also on sale 10am Saturday 22nd October 2016 via  / /  and

Direct link here –

SATURDAY 22 APRIL 2017                     The SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
FRIDAY 26 MAY 2017                               Royal Albert Hall, London
SATURDAY 1 JULY 2017                         Castlefield Bowl, Manchester

Peter Hook & The Light Perform Substance – The Albums Of Joy Division & New Order Live At The Apollo Theatre Manchester 16/9/16 Recorded by Live Here NOW!

Peter Hook & The Light Perform Substance – The Albums Of Joy Division & New Order Live At The Apollo Theatre Manchester 16/9/16



  • Live Here Now To Release Full 02 Apollo Manchester Concert Live Album


Live Here Now are to record and release Peter Hook And The Light’s full live set from this Friday’s homecoming 02 Apollo Manchester concert where they will perform “Substance – The Albums Of Joy Division & New Order, as part of their first run of dates.

Featuring the entire show, beginning to end, the first copies of the three CD album will be turned around and available immediately following the concert on Friday 16th September 2016. Pre orders will be shipped on Monday 19th September when the recording will also be made available for download. The album will also be available at Saturday’s London Kentish Town Forum show.

The album marks the sixth collaboration between Peter Hook & The Light and Live Here Now as they have charted the band’s progression through Joy Division’s and New Order’s catalogues since 2010, releasing Live At Goodwood, The Hebden Bridge Tapes and the So This Is Permanence Macclesfield concert

To pre-order the Manchester concert or for the previous releases, check here –

With this being the week of the shows, there are only a few remaining tickets for The Light’s debut performances of the Substance LPs in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

Thurs 15 Sept     Glasgow Barrowlands –

Fri 16 Sept    02 Apollo MCR

Sat 17 Sept     Kentish Town Forum –

Full info –



About Substance

Released in August 1987, New Order’s Substance was originally conceived as a way for Factory Records boss, Tony Wilson, to play the New Order singles on the CD player of his new Jaguar car. Substance became the best selling New Order album ever upon its release, the double LP going on to sell 2 million copies in America alone.

Widely considered New Order’s strongest album, “their most popular, well known, highly rated and arguably the most influential” (Sputnik Music), Factory Records’ 200th release featured the bands seminal 12″ mixes of their singles as well as versions of ‘Confusion’ and Temptation re-recorded for the LP.

Running from “Ceremony” in 1981 up to “True Faith” in 1987 (again recorded especially for the album), the set takes in the high points of New Order’s catalogue, including “Temptation”, “Thieves Like Us”, “The Perfect Kiss” and “Bizarre Love Triangle”.

Released the following year in July 1988, Joy Division’s Substance features all the singles which did not appear on the albums such as “Transmission”, “Komakino”, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “Atmosphere”, as well as their b-sides, tracks from their EP “An Ideal For Living” and the Factory Records sampler.

Factory Records’ 250th release, it begins with “Warsaw” and takes in the development of the band through “Digital” and “Dead Souls” to the band’s final tracks. The collection demonstrates the same energy as a full length LP with several key B-sides added.

Allmusic called it “the best adjunct to the two albums anyone could want.”   1

Peter Hook & The Light have toured Joy Division and New Order’s albums extensively since debuting “Unknown Pleasures” back in 2010 with dates all across the world which have been very well received by critics and fans alike. (See below for review quotes.)

For videos and concert footage from The Light check – / /

On “Substance” – Joy Division

“Substance, in all of its 17 tracks, provides the perfect snapshot of the all-too-short career of the post-punk legends… Although an entirely different experience from either Joy Division  album, Substance is a perfectly ordered compilation with nothing but amazing singles filling up its 60+ minute running time.” Sputnik Music

On “Substance” – New Order

“This assemblage of 12-inch singles and remixes charts New Order’s transformation from gloom rockers to electro-disco pioneers. Club hits like “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle” are full of bass melodies that beat-loving guitar bands are still trying to figure out.”

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time

“Although the group enjoyed many great moments after this point, Substance should still be their time capsule release. Almost taken for granted, the way New Order brought the underground dance sounds of the US to the indie mainstream could well make them one of the most significant groups ever.” BBC Music

On Peter Hook And The Light Live

Peter Hook & The Light have developed into a well-oiled machine that – whisper it – actually deliver these songs better than the current line-up of New Order….they’ve become an impressive tour de force more than worthy of associating themselves with arguably two of the finest back catalogues in rock and roll history.”  Drowned In Sound

A masterclass in euphoria and heartache in equal measure…. The chronology of the set played perfectly as high spirits continued to grow right up until the end of the show.” Gigwise

“This is New Order reinvigorated, reenergized; Hooky has arguably reclaimed the songs and is delivering them with heart and soul.” – Louder Than War

It was certainly one of those special shows were the venue, artist, and fans all clicked perfectly to make for a very memorable experience and a blazing hot and awesome show by a legendary artist and performer, who in my opinion is the heart and soul of New Order keeping the most authentic live performance of their music alive for old and new fans.” Rock Subculture

By focusing solely on the music, and allowing the songs inherent structure to do the heavy lifting instead of blowing them up into pseudo-stadium cuts, their inherent virtues were that much more apparent. Frankly, these songs rock…..This is Peter Hook and his band taking a chance, dusting off wrongly ignored tunes, and kicking ass. “Punk News




Hooky’s New Book – Substance – Inside New Order – Pre-order Info & UK Signing tour !


Published in Hardback by Simon & Schuster UK
6 October 2016
Amazon Pre Order Link –



Having detailed the rise and fall of ‘Madchester’ in The Hacienda and Joy Division’s short career in Unknown Pleasures, legendary bassist Peter Hook tells the third, arguably the most important and certainly the most controversial part of his story: the New Order years.
Following on from Joy Division’s two seminal albums and the death of lead singer Ian Curtis on the eve of the band’s first US Tour, Hooky and band members moved on swiftly to become New Order.  “We didn’t really think about it afterwards, it just sort of happened. One day we were Joy Division and the next time we got together, we were a new band.” Peter Hook
 The band’s distinctive sound – a fusion of post-punk and ground-breaking electronica – paved the way for the dance music revolution and earned them the reputation as one of the most influential bands of their generation. Throughout the Eighties, New Order scaled the heights of success, gaining international acclaim and touring the globe.
From working with Arthur Baker to selling out the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Bizarre Love Triangle became a huge hit in Australia, Blue Monday became the biggest selling 12-inch of all time whilst New Order’s “Substance” shipped many millions of copies to become the group’s most successful album.
Despite their success, the band has always been a collision of the visionary and the volatile and often fraught with tensions. Hooky chronicles how these relationships fell apart, detailing the splits, further splits and the ultimate demise of the band in 2006.
In Substance, Peter Hook has written a no-holds-barred, comprehensive account of the band’s entire history, packed with outrageous anecdotes.

Amazon Pre Order Link –

Book Signing Dates:
Weds 5th Oct – 8pm – Sage, Gateshead (Talk, Q&A, Signing)
Thurs 6th Oct – 1230pm – Waterstones, Edinburgh (Signing)
Thurs 6th Oct – 630pm –  Aye Write!,  Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow  (Talk, Q&A, Signing)
Fri 7th Oct – 8pm – Toppings, Bath  (Talk, Q&A, Signing)
Sat 8th Oct -2pm –  Fopp, Oxford (Signing)
Sat 8th Oct – 7pm – Birmingham Town Hall (Talk, Q&A, Signing)
Sun 9th Oct – 130pm – HMV Leeds (Signing)
Sun 9th Oct – 430pm – Ilkley Literature Festival (Talk, Q&A, Signing)
Mon 10th Oct – 8pm -Substance : An Evening With Peter Hook & Clint Boon, Albert Square Chop House, Manchester (Talk, Q&A, Signing)
Thurs 13th Oct – 12pm Fopp Covent Garden (Signing)
Thurs 13th Oct – Classical Album Sundays (Talk, Q&A, Signing)
Fri 14th Oct – 730pm  Chester Literary Festival (Talk, Q&A, Signing.
Details and links at Facebook page or at the news story here –
Light Logo
Peter Hook & The Light Perform Substance – The Albums Of Joy Division & New Order
Debut Concerts  Glasgow / Manchester / London – September 2016
The Light Substance NO Fall 2016 NO Poster
Thursday 15th September 2016      Glasgow Barrowlands –
Friday 16th September 2016           Manchester 02 Apollo
Saturday 17th September 2016      London Kentish Town Forum
Full Details At


Hacienda Classical Album Announced By Sony Classical – Out 21st October 2016

 Hacienda Classical Cd Announced By Sony Classical – Pre order links below.
The team behind legendary Manchester club FAC 51 The Haçienda is set to release a full ‘Haçienda Classiçal’ album on 21st October 2016, following the unprecedented success of a series of national events during the year.
Haçienda Classiçal has seen DJs Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, the original DJs behind the unique Haçienda sound, spin club classics in full harmony with a live orchestra, Manchester Camerata, alongside vocals from the AMC Choir and special guests.
The resulting collision of seminal dance music and orchestral instrumentation has breathed new life into club anthems such as ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Voodoo Ray’, ‘Good Life’ and ‘Ride On Time’. Other tracks featured in the live set and on the album include ‘Strings of Life’, ‘Move Your Body’ and Rowetta’s stunning new take on ‘You Got The Love’.
The classical-meets-club concept was an instant success as many thousands immediately snapped up tickets to shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall and Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall, all selling out in minutes.
With many requests for a recorded version of the concert, this studio album has been executive produced by The Haçienda, Joy Division and New Order co-founder Peter Hook, together with producer Phil Murphy. The release of this innovative and eagerly anticipated album will allow fans to enjoy the Haçienda Classiçal experience as a recording for the very first time.
Peter Hook, Executive Producer, said:
“This is one of the most challenging journeys I’ve ever undertaken in my musical career, both the live shows and putting the album together. But now looking back and listening to the recording, all the hard work has paid off.”
Tim Crooks, Musical Director, commented;
“Manchester has amazing musicians, DJs, producers and orchestras but they rarely collaborate. It’s rare that you get to do a project that celebrates this diversity.”
Bob Riley, CEO, Manchester Camerata, added:
‘It doesn’t get more Manchester than this. An epic project with visionary artists.’
‘Haçienda Classiçal’ will be released on 21st October 2016 on Sony Classical.