Peter Hook and The Light to Perform “Still” in its entirety

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Peter Hook And The Light perform “Still”, the third and final of Joy Division’s releases live, sequentially and in its entirety for the first ever time at The Factory in Manchester on Friday 18th May and Saturday 19th May 2012.


Released as a double album in October 1981 to counter the slew of unofficial and bootleg releases which followed Ian Curtis’ death, “Still” first disc comprised studio out-takes and mainly unreleased or lesser heard tracks while the second album is a live recording of Joy Divisions’ last ever concert at High Hall, Birmingham on 2nd May 1980.

At the concert Hooky and The Light are to perform each disc separately, first the studio recording and then replicate the final ever Joy Division concert in a double header which has been long awaited and anticipated by fans and devotees of the band.

Peter Hook And The Light Perform Joy Division’s “Still”

Friday 18th May & Thursday 19th May 2012

The Factory, Manchester from 8pm

112 – 118 Princess Street Manchester, M1 7EN

In Association With Mind And Forever Manchester

Tickets : £20.12 (Includes Charity Donation)

Tickets available from  12 noon Friday 2nd  March 2012 at / /

24 Hour Credit Card Hotline – 08444 77 10000

In Person – Piccadilly Records / Vinyl Exchange / Fopp / Gaffs

In the third of what has now become an annual event, Peter Hook And The Light are to complete their live performances of Joy Division’s releases, performing the double album “Still” for the first ever time, in full sequentially and in its entirely at The Factory, Manchester on Friday 18th May and Saturday 19th May 2012.

With The Light having already having performed Joy Division’s two full albums, “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer” since May 2010, “Still” marks a different challenge for the band and a new experience for the audience as the two disc album comprises some lesser known and previously unreleased material which featured on neither of the first two albums as well as a recording of Joy Division’s last ever concert at Birmingham High Hall on 2nd May 1980.

Originally released to provide an official album to counter the numerous bootleg and unofficial releases which followed Ian Curtis’ death, “Still’s” first disc material culled from a variety of sources, studio outtakes, the “Sordide Sentimental” limited edition French Single, and the band’s second John Peel session.

With Joy Division’s stunningly raw sound allied to the futuristic production template laid down by Martin Hannett, the other worldly, ethereal musings of “Exercise One” start up the album, which then opens up into many seminal and highly influential tracks including the thrashy “Ice Age”, the anthemically breaking “Glass”, the prophetically titled “Something Must Break”, a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray” and the opening live track to many Joy Division concerts, “Dead Souls”.

Still’s second disc was formed of the live set from Joy Division’s last ever concert at Birmingham High Hall in May 1980. Notable for the first ever performance of “Ceremony”, the concert was just on the cusp of the release of second album “Closer” and the set list comes from both that album and from “Unknown Pleasures”.

Starting with the premiere of “Ceremony” which was to become New Order’s first ever single, the gig runs through many of the now classic live repertoire, the moody elegance of “Shadowplay” segues into “New Dawn Fades”, “Transmission”, Unknown Pleasures’ punchily direct opening track “Disorder” before completing the set with the rare live performances of “Decades” and “Digital”.

On completing the set of Joy Division’s releases with the Still Concerts, Peter Hook commented – “It’s somewhat bittersweet since I honestly wish there were more to go really but I am very happy that now with “Still” I will have played every Joy Division song ever written, again. I am delighted that The Light are performing Joy Division’s final release in what seems set to be the final Light / Joy Division gigs in Manchester and I’m looking forward to a couple of great concerts so finish up the trilogy properly.”

Support for both concerts comes from Kevin Hewick who will soon be releasing his “All Was Numbered” album on Hacienda Records. /

Peter Hook And The Light

Peter Hook And The Light features Peter Hook on vocals and bass, Jack Bates on bass, Nat Wason on guitar, Andy Poole on keyboards and Paul Kehoe on drums.

Having performed together at the opening night of  The Factory in February 2010, in the two years since The Light have undertaken extensive tours of mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand, South America, The United States, Mexico and Canada as well as numerous UK and international festival appearances.

Peter Hook’s The Light Tour Dates 2012

Fri 2nd March

Milk Club, Moscow (Performing “Unknown Pleasures)

Sat 3rd March

Kosmonaut Club, St Petersburg (Performing “Unknown Pleasures)

Mon 5th March

Nosturi, Helsinki (Performing “Closer”)

Tues 6th March

Debaser, Stockholm (Performing “Unknown Pleasures”)

Weds 7th March

John Dee, Oslo (Performing “Closer”)

Fri 30th March

Auditoria De La Disputacion, Malaga (Performing “Unknown Pleasures)

Thurs 12th April

Palace Theatre, Melbourne. (Performing Closer)

Fri 13th April

Tivoli, Brisbane (Performing Closer)

Sat 14th April

Enmore Theatre, Sydney (Performing Closer)

Mon 16th April

HQ Complex, Adelaide (Performing Closer)

Weds 18th April

Bogeda, Wellington (Performing “Unknown Pleasures”)

Thurs 19th April

Bogeda, Wellington (Performing “Closer”)

Fri 20th April

Studio, Auckland (Performing “Closer”)

Sat 28th April

Hacienda Festival, Oiso, Japan (Performing “Unknown Pleasures”)

Sun 29th April

Hacienda Festival, Oiso, Japan (Performing “Closer”)

Fri 18th May

The Factory, Manchester (Performing “Still” – Special Guest Kevin Hewick)

Sat 19th May

The Factory, Manchester (Performing “Still” – Special Guest Kevin Hewick)

Fri 25th May

Liverpool O2 Academy (Performing “Unknown Pleasures” – Special Guest Humanizer)

Sat 26th May

Glasgow Oran Mor (Performing “Unknown Pleasures” – Special Guest humanizer)

Sun 27th May

Nottingham Rescue Rooms (Performing “Unknown Pleasures” – Special Guest humanizer)

Tues 29th May

Sheffield Leadmill (Performing “Unknown Pleasures” – Special Guest Section 25)

Weds 30th May

Birmingham O2 Academy (Performing “Unknown Pleasures” Special Guest Super White Assassin)

Fri 1st June

London O2 Academy Islington (Performing “Closer” – Special Guest humanizer)

Sat 2nd June

Oxford O2 Academy (Performing “Unknown Pleasures” – Special Guest Super White Assassin)

Fri 8th June

Dublin 02 Academy (Performing “Closer”)

Sat 9th June

Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (Performing “Unknown Pleasures”)