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Electronic – A new “supergroup” is formed by New Order frontman Bernard Sumner and Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. Collaborators include Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys.

December – “Getting Away With It” released by Factory on 7″ & 12″ CD and cassette. Additional 12″ – “Fac57R Remix” featuring additional guest vocals from Neil Tennant.
Reaches number 11 in the UK charts.

Electronic supported Depeche Mode on their Violator tour to almost 50,000 people. (Unconfirmed, but 70,000 did watch Depeche at Dodger Stadium)

Electronic gig at the Haçienda.

April – “Get The Message” released on 7 and 12″ and Cassette. Also released on 12″ as FAC287R “Remix”. Reaches number 8 in the UK chart. The 7″ promo (fac287r/7) would go on to be one of the most sought after Electronic collectables and regularly commands a price of up to £150.

June- “Electronic” self titled LP / CD and cassette issued worldwide by Factory Records. Includes vocals on “Patience of a Saint” by Neil Tennant. Peaks at number two in the UK album chart. The album would go on to sell over a million copies worldwide. Orange Promo posters, the same as the album artwork were issued by Factory.

July – “Tighten Up” released by Warner in the US as a promo CD only. It was supposed to have been released between getting away with it and get the message although it didn�t receive sufficient airplay so Warner pulled the planned release.

August – Electronic play a live gig at Cities In the Park in Manchester, England.

October – “Feel Every Beat”, released by Factory on 7″ and 12″ and Cassette. Just scraped into the top 40 at number 39 in the UK chart. This would be the last release by Electronic on Factory.

December – Electronic gig at Le Palace, Paris, France on the 6th December.

December – Electronic gig at Barrowlands, Scotland on the 9th December.

December – Electronic gig at the Wembley Hall, London, England on the 12th December.

July – “Disappointed” released on Parlophone Records on 7″ and 12″ CD and cassette, vocals by Neil Tennant. The 10″ promo and cassette are fairly rare these days.
Parlophone also issued an 18×24 Promo poster the same as the album artwork. Reaches number 6 in the UK charts.

June – “Forbidden City” released on Parlophone on 7″ CD and cassette. Mailing list card to subscribe to news about further Electronic releases included in the CD Jewel case.
12X12 Inch Promo shop display cards were also issued to record stores to promote the release. Reaches number 14 in the UK charts.

July – Electronic album “Raise The Pressure” released on Parlophone on LP, CD and cassette. Promo posters and 12X12″ promo shop display cards featuring the artwork were also issued by Parlophone. Reached number 8 in the UK chart.

September – “For You” released on Parlophone on a two disc digi-pack set and card sleeved cassette. Reaches 16 in the UK chart.
Promo postcard also available featuring the artwork.

February – “Second Nature” released on Parlophone on two disc digi-pack set and card sleeved cassette. Reaches number 35 in the UK. Promo 12″ titled “Second Nature Remixes” also available. Comes complete with a promotional flyer with an offer to buy a “Raise The Pressure” t-shirt from the mailing list.

October – “Until The End Of Time” released as a limited edition of 5000 copies on 12″ and CD (ratio of CD/12″ unknown).
They were only available to people that had subscribed to the Electronic mailing list. The CD is THE ultimate collector’s item and regularly achieves up to £200 per copy.
The 12″ is still exceptionally rare and they go for up to £100. Both the CD and 12″ were priced at £5.00 sterling including postage.

March – “Prodigal Soon” released as a promo 10″ on clear vinyl and clear sleeve to promote the “Twisted Tenderness” album. There was also a black 10″ white label promo featuring the same mixes which is quite rare.

April – The Electronic website is launched www.electronic-net.com

April – “Twisted Tenderness” released on CD, cassette and minidisc. Heavily promoted including several CD/CDR promos, deluxe samplers, 12×1″ shop displays and promo posters featuring Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin on the artwork. Reaches number 9 in the UK chart.
One of the most sought after items is the US CDR promo on Warner Chappel. Since the Twisted album was released I have only seen TWO for sale anywhere in the world.

April – Electronic play live on TFI Friday

April – “Vivid” released on two disc digi-pack set 12″. Reaches number 17 in the UK chart.

June – “Make It Happen” released on 10″ clear vinyl and clear sleeve to promote the Twisted album.

July – “Late At Night” on 12″ and two disc digi-pack set. The CD was withdrawn in the UK without notice but was released in Europe.
Promo CD’s were available in clear disc and clear sleeve

September – “Get The Message – The Best of Electronic” released on CD and Limited Edition CD / DVD. Fails to set the charts alight and only reaches number 194 in the UK.


April – 8th – Monday – EMI release the remastered and expanded edition of the self titled original 1991 Factory Records album.Including previously unreleased material and rareities.

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