New Order Timeline……

new order

Two days after the death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, The former members of Joy Division (Bernard Sumner – Guitar/ Synth) Peter Hook (Bass) and Stephen Morris (Drums /Synths) decided they would continue making music. The new band would include Gillian Gilbert (synth), the partner of Stephen Morris.

A New name was needed for the band. After suggestions such as The Black Witchdoctors Of Zimbabwe, Barney and The JD’S, they finally settled on New Order even though the name had Nazi connotations.

The band would need a singer and it was decided that Bernard Sumner would become the new front man for New Order.

March – The first release as New Order would be Ceremony, with the B-side A Lonely Place. Both tracks written by Curtis shortly before he died.

September – The second release – Procession, a more synthesiser driven track. There were nine different coloured sleeves to collect.

October – The First album – Movement was released and the album regarded by critics as “A poor Imitation Joy Division” another quoted “Music to slash your wrists to”.

December – Everything’s Gone Green – Factory Benelux Release

April – Crowd pleaser Temptation released on 7&12 Inch

May – Fac 51-The Haçienda opens its doors. A super club before the term was even coined. The inspiration came from New York nightclubs that New Order visited several years before. The interior was designed by Ben Kelly and went massively over budget. Wilson would later claim that The Hacienda Haçienda was “one long wonderful nightmare”.

The history of The Haçienda is well documented in the book by Peter Hook – The Haçienda – How not to run a club.

May – Power, Corruption & lies – The “Breakthrough” album that married synthesiser and guitar together in perfect harmony. The track 586 is considered the original blueprint for Blue Monday.Three different “Marbled” vinyl promo variants were issued on Rough Trade records in Germany. Colours were Red,Yellow and Clear.Only 250 of each were pressed and all the three are beautiful items and the most coveted of the New Order collectables.

March – Blue Monday is released in a floppy disk style die cut sleeve. Blue Monday would go on to become the best selling twelve inch of all time. New Order played the track on Top Of the Pops and insisted it was played live. The single dropped down the UK music charts shortly after the tv appearance . The 12 inch was also re-issued in a non die- cut sleeve. The 7 Inch Japanese promo which was issued a year later would become the most sought after piece for New Order collectors. Limited edition of 25- 60 pressings (unconfirmed)..And regularly achieving the princely sum of £1,000+ for a mint conditioned item.

August- Confusion – Fac 93 – For Heavy Rotation – A crisp dance track produced by legendary New York producer Arthur Baker. The track would lay the foundations for many an aspiring dance artist for many years to come.

April – Thieves like Us – A somewhat sombre track compared to its predecessor, but thieves like us does have a beautiful melody.

May – Murder – Issued on Factory Benelux and in Japan.

May – The Perfect kiss – The 12 inch extended version being an absolute stormer of a track.

May- Low-Life – The stand out tracks being The Perfect Kiss, Sunrise and heavy synth Subculture and the beautiful yet somewhat haunting instrumental Elegia. Love Vigilantes is a wondrous tale about a soldier that has returned from war. The cassette included four individual pictures of the band which could be swapped round depending on the owner’s mood or persuasion.

November – Subculture released on 7&12″ Legend has it sleeve designer Peter Saville hated the track that much that he refused to design a sleeve for the track. It was later claimed that Saville was busy on another project and didn’t have time to design a sleeve. The track was issued in a plain black die cut outer sleeve.

March – Shellshock produced by John Robie released – Thick like treacle, a very high NRG dance track. Non-album track.

September – Brotherhood album released – Rocky Broken promise and heavy sequenced Bizarre Love triangle, State of the nation and Angel Dust stand out tracks. Every little Counts sometimes cited at a novelty track due to Sumner laughing at the beginning of the track due to the lyric “I think you are a pig you should be in a zoo” September – State of the nation – A track about urban deprivation?

November -Bizarre love triangle released – The best track from the Brotherhood album.

Way of Life (from the Brotherhood Album) issued as a double sided promo in the US on Qwest Records.

July- True Faith released on 7/12 Inch and new format Compact Disc Video (CDV) the predecessor to DVD players. The CDV players were only manufactured by Philips and Sony and never gained a following. The CDV players were also ridiculously expensive at the time. True Faith was one of the best New Order tracks ever and reached number two in the UK charts. Some say that True Faith was the pinnacle of New Orders career. To coincide with the release of True Faith, Factory Records commissioned pin brooch/badges of the True Faith leaf design. Very limited quantities of less than 100 (unconfirmed) were produced some gold colour and some silver.

September- Substance double CD/LP/DAT (Digital Audio Tape) released on Factory. The double album contained extended versions of all the New Order singles and B sides. Legend (again) has it that Factory Records supremo Tony Wilson sanctioned the compilation release so that he could play all of New Orders singles whilst driving his car. A car CD player was also ridiculously expensive back in 1987! Factory also issued the Substance Limited Edition Gatefold Promo 12 inch (1000 only) which famously bears the words “Not to be sold unless desperate”. The LP was given to Factory employees and selected friends. A highly desirable item for New Order collectors.Prices for the Substance Gatefold regular achieve up to £200 depending on condition. The Substance compilation album went on to sell 1 million copies in the US and reached number 3 in the UK album charts.

September- New Order do a cover of the Sex Pistols track – Anarchy in the UK at their concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, US. Rare audio of the cover version does exist.

December- Touched By the Hand of God – Track title was reference to the Diego Maradona goal which was a deliberate hand-ball goal scored against England V Argentina in the 1986 world cup in Mexico. The spoof rock video to the track sees the band wearing wigs and leather jackets and Hooky even wears a cameo esque Cod Piece! There was also a promotional Touched football, 30 were made, a very rare item!

March- Blue Monday 88 – Remixed by legendary Grammy award winning record producer Quincy Jones, Blue Monday 88 reached number 3 in the UK charts. Factory Records also commissioned a Blue Monday “Flicker book” to promote the release. The flicker book was seen in the official Factory Records promo video for Blue Monday 88.Limted to 300 copies and yet another highly desirable collector’s item. Mint condition items regularly achieve £150+.

November- Fine Time- Inspired by the Acid House revolution- Fine Time, a homage, a tip of the hat to the Acid House tunes they were hearing not only in the superclub They part owned – The Hacienda, but also on the House music mecca isle of Ibiza where they were recording their Technique Album. At the end of the track the listener can distinctly hear the bleating of sheep.

Reference to people flocking like sheep to hear Acid House / Dance music in nightclubs across the globe.

February – Technique- An eclectic mix of Acid house inspired dance music and guitar driven tunes. Fine Time, Round & Round and Run2 were singles. Vanishing point was later released on the 2005 Singles album.

February – Round and Round – Heavily sequenced track with a unique synth sound, which may people have tried to copy over the years. A statue of “Little Lewie” was commissioned by Factory Records to promote the Round & Round release.

March – Paradise Fanzine is published by long time New Order Fans David Smith and Oliver Cain.Issue one included reviews of the G-Mex (88) and NEC concerts,Technique Lyrics and much more.

July – Dry201- A new bar in Manchester’s northern quarter designed by Ben Kelly and Co-owned by New Order opens its doors to the public.

July – Paradise issue 2 published by David and Oliver with sleeve design by Johnathon Scott.Included in the second issue were the following items – The Drawback – A history of Joy Division part one, Aberdeen radio interview with Peter Hook from March 89.G-Mex aftershow,Glasgow SEC 89 Gig review, Florida 89 gig review and vinyl bootleg review.

August – Run 2 was released but only 20,000 copies were pressed due to a legal dispute with John Denver who claimed that a part of the song resembled his “Leaving on a jet plane” single. The dispute was later settled out of court.

The artwork for the 12 Inch single by long time collaborator Peter Saville was inspired by a brand of washing powder. 500 Promo 7 Inch singles were released by Factory.

Electronic – A new “supergroup” is formed by New Order frontman Bernard Sumner and Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.

Collaborators include Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys

Electronic timeline –

November – Paradise 3 issued by David and Oliver,sleeve by Johnathan Scott.Limited Edition sleeve of 50 copies.Included.MTV spotlight 1989,History of Joy Division – The Drawback,1989 US Tour Review,Reading Festival Review,Readers poll and much more.

World In Motion – The first real time that New Order emerged from the shadows as it were. The English Football Association asked New Order to contribute a track for the 1990 Football World Cup in Italy. Co-wrote with comedian Keith Allen and Steven Hague, including a rap by Liverpool football legend John Barnes, the track went on to the Number 1 in the UK singles chart. This would be the bands first Number one in the UK and the last single as New Order for their record label Factory Records.

Revenge- Hook forms his own group with fellow Manchester musicians Dave Hicks (guitar) and Chris “CJ” Jones.

Revenge timeline :

July – Paradise 4 issued by David and Oliver,Sleeve layout by David and Oliver,Artwork by Johnathan Scott.Issue IV featured Electronic,the fate of the Hacienda,Fac251 – The new Factory .Tony Wilson/Keith Allen/Peter Hook on Granada TV (June 1990) ,the continued history of New Order in paradox,Revenge,World in Motion and Much more.

September- Factory Records open its new headquarters on Charles Street in Manchester. The opening party is attended by the local glitterati. In typical Factory Style, a CD to commemorate the opening is commissioned. Entitled FAC251 “into the heart of the city at night” – Loved It (The New Factory) music by Steve and Gillian was given out to attendees of the party. Limited to 1000 copies, another highly collectable piece of memorabilia for New Order and Factory Records fanatics alike. Prices range from £70 – £200 for the CD.

September-The Other Two- With Hook and Sumner off doing solo projects, Stephen and Gillian decide to embark on a project of their own, namely, The Other Two.

The Other Two timeline –


January – Paradise 5 issued by David and Oliver,sleeve typography by Johnathan Scott.Includes Paradise invades sounds,Rock on Radio 1 interview from 1983.Paradox part two of the New Order history,Peter Saville – an appreciation,Revenge gig review at the International MCR November 1990,Picadilly Radio interview from March 1989 and much more.

April – Paradise 6 issued by David and Oliver,Artwork by Johnathan Scott.Issued in a standard sleeve and Limited Edition sleeve of 100 copies,included – The story of World In Motion,the continued history of New Order in “paradox”,Peter Saville “appreciated” part two,The tasteful guide to T-Shirts and much more,Picadilly Radio interview.Electronic and much more.
July – New Order announced they are to reform and start work on the album Republic. Recorded at Real World Studios, the estimated cost of producing the album was £500,000.00

July – Paradise 7 issued by David and Oliver,artwork by Johnathan Scott,included – 1987 Radio 1 Interview,The continued history of New Order in “Paradox”,the imapct and influence of New Order,Backstage photos,Electronic LP Review,Cities In The Park review and much more.


March – Paradise 8 issued written and sleeve designed by David Smith,Typography by Johnathan Scott,Included The Other Two Interview – Hit the North Radio 5 1991, Ian Curtis – A Paradise Memory,Morris & Gilbert Appreciated, the continued history of New Order in Paradox,Revenge -Gun World Porn Review,Revenge gig review and much more.

Paradise 8 would be the last ever issue due to the internet age where information was available at the click of a mouse.
Factory Records – With their two major artists, New Order and The Happy Mondays off recording their new albums, cash flow became a major problem. Despite a last ditch attempt to sell the company to London records, and the fact that Factory didn’t have formal contracts with their artists, Factory Records declared bankruptcy in November. The dream was dead.

After the collapse of Factory, New Order signed a deal with London Records.

March – In Order Released in the US On Qwest records. Available on Promo CD and Orange Vinyl LP. Features a track from each previous New Order album.

May – Republic, The first New Order release on London records. Available in CD/LP/Laserdisc/Cassette variants. Laserdiscs were released in the US and Japan. An Orange “Day-Glo” puff pack Limited Run is issued in the US on Qwest Records. Regret, Ruined in a day, World and spooky released as singles. A New Order Sampler ( Nosamp2) including new tracks from the forthcoming album “Republic” is issued by London Records to promote the album. Regret was without doubt the best single to come off the Republic album. Republic went on to the number one spot in the UK chart. Fans still remain divided about Republic. Some say the album is New Orders finest, whilst others are aggrieved by the lack of Hooky’s unique bass sound.

New Order split up again. The former members concentrate on their own side projects

November – True Faith 94 released on London Records. Original radio edits and also Includes mixes from Perfecto.

November – The Best of New Order is released on CD/LP and Cassette. There was also a promotional 4″X7″box set and slide puzzle issued to promote the release. The US release has 3 different tracks which didn’t appear on the UK issue.

January – 1963 95 released on London Records. The 95 version is remixed and updated by long term collaborator Arthur Baker.

March – Let’s Go (Nothing for me) Is issued on promo CD in the US to promote The Best Of New Order.

July – Blue Monday 95 – Includes new remixes from Hardfloor.

August – The Rest Of New Order Released. Available on LP/CD/Cassette. The album consisted of some old and some new remixes. A limited edition double CD and Cassette with Blue Monday Remixes was also available. The Cassette edition is pretty hard to find these days.
Monaco are formed by Peter Hook and former Revenge member David Potts .

Monaco Timeline –

June – 28th – The Last ever night at the Haçienda. Resident DJ Elliot Eastwick Played the last track on Friday June 28th.

New Order reunite to play the Reading Festival. They play an updated version of True Faith 94 Perfecto Mix. At the end of the track Hooky and Bernard share a rare handshake!

May – Robert Leo Gretton – Long term manager of Joy Division / New Order and co-founder of Factory Records dies of a heart attack at the age of 46.

Brutal – CD/CDR Promo CD’s issued in the US and UK to promote Leonardo Dicaprio Movie the Beach.

August – Get Ready- Their first LP for nearly 8 years. Includes collaborations from Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream). heavily promoted by London Records. Promotional items include a CD-Rom of New Order Photos, Messenger bag, concertina folded promo card, Red striped carrier bag and 10″x3″ Promo stickers including the red stripe from the album. The album peaks at number 6 in the UK charts. Singles taken from the album were, Crystal, (8 UK chart), 60 Miles an Hour (29 UK Chart) and Promo only Someone Like you.

April – Here to stay- Another non album single, released to promote the 24 Hour Party People film. The chemical brothers produced the single which is also the ending music to the film.

April – 24 Hour Party People – The dramatisation of the Factory Records story released in the cinema to critical acclaim. The soundtrack to the film is released at the same time on CD.

October – International compilation released by London. The fans were not happy with International as the release didn’t include any tracks that they had not heard before.

November – Confusion 2002 released on London/Warner subsidiary Whacked Records.

The Haçienda building is demolished. Peter Hook starts the excavator to begin the demolition process. Plans to build apartments on the former club site are submitted. Peter Hook, Haçienda (trademark owner) allows developer Crosby Homes to use the Haçienda name for the new apartments.

December – Slow Jam- The track which was used in a Ford Car Commercial was released on CDR Promo by Warner Records Australia. A very hard item to find these days.

Run Wild CDR Promo is issued by London to promote the forthcoming Retro box set.

Confusion 1 Track CDR Promo issued by London to promote the forthcoming Retro box set.

December- Retro 4XCD Box Set is released by London Records. Fans were livid with London Records as yet again they had released another compilation which didn’t include any tracks that had not been heard before. The fans complained that much that Warner finally relented and added an extra 5th CD to the box set. Tracks included the 17 minute long version of Elegia and 8 others.

June – The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack – 3000 copies worldwide. Issued to promote The Peter Saville exhibition at The Design Museum in London.

Phil Cunningham replaces Gillian Gilbert in the band.

March – Krafty the first single from Waiting For the Sirens call is released.

March – Waiting for the Sirens call is released LP/CD and Download from Napster. Heavily promoted album, Promotional items such as, scarves (Three different variants-Unconfirmed), postcards, Stickers, Address book, two coffee cups – orange on white/white on orange, stamper and stamp pad, sirens sellotape, Disposable camera and i-Pod skin. There was also a very limited run of Sirens Promo Posters by Warner Bros in the US. Singles included Krafty, Jetsream Waiting for the sirens call and Guilt is a Useless Emotion which was available as a US Promo CD/CDR. Joy Division and New Order inducted into the UK Music Hall OF fame. Inductees are selected by leading figures from the UK music industry.

October – Singles – Yet another compilation album from London records! The promo items were actually better than the release itself. Promo postcard set featuring all the single artwork in postcard form. Double gatefold promo CDR which is much better than the normal jewel cased release. Peaks at number 14 in the UK album chart.

Hook forms Freebass with Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream), Andy Rourke (The Smiths).

Frebass timeline –

February – 12X12 inch Singles were released on Warner Subsidiary New State Recordings. 12X White Label Test press promo,3 x UK Promo CDR’S titled “Electro House Mixes” “Classic Mixes” and a 32 track CDR promo including 2 minute faded out edits of the tracks were issued to promote the 12X12 Inch releases.

A Danish 2 track CDR including the asle’s mixes of Waiting of the sirens call was also used to promote the release. Fans complained as the records where released in white sleeves and tracking down clean sleeves in record stores was nearly impossible.

November – New Order played a show at Club Ciudad, Buenos Aries, Argentina. Unbeknown to fans this would be the last show with Peter Hook on bass.

The Haçienda apartments are now all fully occupied on the site of the former nightclub.

May – Hook talks on XFM Radio Station and confirms the he and Bernard (Sumner) aren’t working together. He also mentions the band split in further interviews and on his official Myspace page.

July – Sumner and Morris release a statement to the press saying that if he (Hook) wants to leave New order, then that is entirely up to him, but we would carry on as New Order without him (Hook).

July – Hook posts on his Myspace page and says he will “take steps” against his former band mates if they continue New Order without him. so begins the public spats and lengthy “legal issues” between Hook and the rest of New Order.

August – Factory Records co-founder Tony Wilson dies at the age of 57.His coffin is adorned with his own Factory Catalogue number – FAC501.

June – Bad Lieutenant is formed by Sumner. The line up includes Phil Cunningham and Jake Evans ,bassist Tom Chapman and later Stephen Morris. They get their name from a Harvey Keitel film of the same name.

Bad Lieutenant timeline –

October – Hooky’s book – The Hacienda-How Not to Run a Club. A book signing at HMV Manchester was arranged for Hooky to sign books for fans. Around 2,000 people turned up for their books to be signed. Many brought New Order vinyl releases and one of the first in the queue was a young lad who had his acoustic Guitar signed. Hooky also received a Best Of New Order promotional slide puzzle present from a fan, wonder who that was from then?

January 25th – Fac251 – The Factory – (Press day) Press from all over the land descend on Manchester for the announcement of a new Project from Peter Hook and Tokyo Industries which sees the former Factory Records Headquarters on Charles Street turned into a brand new live venue and indie club. Original Factory Records architect, Ben Kelly was drafted in to do the design for the club. A promo video and an extensive Q&A session with Hooky, Mani, and Tokyo Industries and Fac251 co-owner Aaron Mellor followed.

January 29th – Fac251 -The Factory opening night is delayed due to associated problems with heavy snow.

February 5th- Fac251-The Factory opens its doors for the very first time to a full sell out crowd of 400 people (unconfirmed). Webmaster Steve Smith interviews Hooky, Mani, Rowetta and Howard Marks and is granted exclusive backstage access to take photographs of Hooky’s hastily assembled new band – The Light. The Light performs several tracks from the forthcoming Freebass LP. Howard marks (Mr Nice) and Rowetta also perform on a couple of tracks.

Hooky also debuts an unfinished Joy Division track “pictures in my mind” which has never been heard before. Attendees on the opening night receive a free CD of Hooky’s music entitled “Tokyo Joe”. Again a tip of the hat to the past when the original Factory Headquarters opened and a CD by Steve and Gillian (The Other Two) was given away.

May – Peter Hook and the Light perform the Joy Division album -Unknown Pleasures at FAC251 – The Factory. The gig was followed up with a worldwide tour of Unknown Pleasures and Closer

Peter Hook & the Light timeline –

August – Freebass – After a delay of nearly 5 years, The Freebass album is finally available as a digital download from the Hacienda website.

August – Freebass – It is announced on the band website that Andy Rourke is no longer a member of the group. As Rourke lives in New York it would be a logistical nightmare to try and fit in any live gigs.

September – A strain in relations between Mani and Hooky ensues when Mani take to twitter to post venomous comments about Joy Division, Hooky and the Freebass project.

September 9th – Freebass split up citing “Recent events have made Freebass unviable as a band” from the official Freebass website.


April – Hellbent – A “Leftover” track from Waiting For the Sirens Call sessions issued on Promo CD by Rhino to promote the Total – From Joy Division To New Order release.

June – Total – From Joy Division to New Order released on Rhino – Includes the previously unreleased track “Hellbent”. A “Leftover” track from the “Waiting for the sirens call “sessions. A limited Edition T-shirt and CD bundle was available from the Rhino website. There was also a Bernard Sumner signing day @ HMV Manchester on Wednesday the 22nd of June. Several hundred people turned up to get their Total CD’s and other items signed. Total Promotional posters were given away free to people in the queue if they asked for them.

The new Official Website for the new New Order is launched.

October- New Order are to play two benefit gigs in Europe in France and Belgium in aid of long time video producer Michael Shamberg who had been ill since 2005. Gillian Gilbert is back in the New Order line up and new boy Tom Chapman takes over from Peter Hook on bass. Both gigs immediately sell out.

December – New Order play three dates in South America in Argentina,Brazil and Chile.

December- Saturday 10th December sees the new New Order (Minus Hooky) play their first London gig in 5 years at the Troxy.

December- New Order – Live at the London Troxy gig is released on CD/Download by Abbey Road-Live Here Now Recordings.

The Lost Sirens CD+LP to be released on Rhino Records. Lost Sirens contains the left over tracks from the last New Order album, waiting for the Sirens Call. The release is delayed due to a legal dispute between band members. As yet the release date us unknown. There are no promotional CD’s or any other promotional items for Lost Sirens at the present time. Amazon UK do have a picture of the artwork but it is unknown if this will be final.The release was the delayed until 2013.


New Order begin a world tour playing 49 dates in 18 different countries.Starting in New Zealand on the 27th Febuary and finishing in Dallas, United States on the 12th October.Further tour details, setlists etc are available here –
May 19th – Monday – – Th U.K’s only dedicated Joy Division, New Order and side project Web Portal is launched by Webmaster Steve Smith.

December – Rubberbear are formed in Manchester by New Order Bassist Tom Chapman and Steve Trafford from The Fall.


January 14th – Lost Sirens is released on CD / LP and Digital Download.

February – Rubberbear  – Lets move somewhere else available on promo cd for a small charge via the Rubberbear page on Facebook –

April 1st – Rubberbear release their debut E.P “Lets move somewhere else” on I-tunes and other digital stores.

New Order – Tour

April 7 Festival Estéreo Picnic, Bogota, Columbia

11th April The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV 1

3th April Coachella, Indio, CA

18th April Santa Barbara Bowl, SB,

CA 20th April Coachella, Indio, CA

28th June 2013 Moscow Stadium – Tickets –

30th June 2013 A2, St Petersburg – Tickets –

5th July Beauregard Festival –

7th July Jodrell Bank,UK –  Tickets available here :

2/4th August – Osheaga Festival,Montreal,Canada – Tickets on sale Friday March 15th @ 12 noon from

April 17th

19th July – Austin, Texas  – Austin Music Hall

2ist July – Atlanta, Georgia – Chastain Park Amphitheatre

24th July – Brooklyn, New York  – Williamsburg Park

26th July – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Mann Centre for the performing arts

28th July – Columbia , Maryland – Merriweather post pavilion

31st July – Boston, Massachusetts – Bank of America Pavilion

2nd August – Chicago, Illinois – Lollapalooza

The full tour dates can be found on the home page here –

July 28th – Bernard Sumner reveals he has a fractured bone in his leg but vows to continue with the remaining North American tour dates.

2014 – Tour dates

Tour Dates for south America announced as follows:

Sunday 30TH March – Santiago – Chile Lollapalooza

Tuesday 1st April – Buenos Aries – Argentina – Lollapalooza

Thursday 3rd April – Montivideo – Uruguay – Rock and Fall

Sunday 6th April – Sao Paulo – Brazil – Lollapalooza

North American Tour 2014

1st July Chicago – Illinois – Aragon ballroom (SOLD OUT!)

3rd July Milwaukee Summerfest

6TH July Seattle – Washington – Paramount theatre –

New order were due to play at the Sasquatch Festival on Sunday 6th July, the event was cancelled by the promoters Live Nation who cited poor ticket sales.

8TH July Vancouver – Canada – Queen Elizabeth Theatre –

11th July – San Francisco – California – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

13th July – Los Angeles – California – Greek Theatre.

2014 – March….

New Order members perform at the XXIV Annual Tibet House Concert NYC on Tuesday 11th March Bernard, Phil & Tom performed at the Annual Tibet House US Benefit Concert to be held at Carnegie Hall, New York City on March 11th 2014. They will appear alongside Philip Glass, The Scorchio Quartet, members of The National, Patti Smith and her band, Iggy Pop, Mike Garry and Joe Duddell and many others. Bernard, Phil and Tom were joined on stage by legend Iggy Pop who perfomed lead vocals on Transmission and first time live debut of Californian grass.Iggy also provided backing Vocal for Love Will Tear Us Apart.

2014 – March – Sunday 30th

New Order play a NEW song with working title of “drop Guitar” at Lollapalooza,Santiago, Chile.

2014 – April – Tuesday 1st

The New track now has the name “singularity” and is played for the second time at Lollapalooza , Buenos Aries, Argentina.


1st July Chicago Aragon
3rd July Milwaukee Summerfest
6th July Seattle Paramount
8th July Vancouver Orpheum
11th July San Francisco Bill Graham Civic
13th July LA Greek Theatre
2nd September 2014…

New Order sign NEW Record deal with MUTE RECORDS!

3rd September 2014….

New Order recieve GQ inspiration Award.The event was held at the Royal Opera house in London’s Covent Garden.

18th September 2014…

Bernard Sumner – Hardback Book – “Chapter and verse” is released.

A “Booksigning” and Q & A Session tour was also announced (Dates below)
21st September – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
Sunday afternoon 3pm. Interview and signing with Dave Haslam.

25th September – Waterstones Trafalgar Square, London
Thursday evening 6.30pm. Interview and signing with Dave Simpson.

29th September – Waterstones Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
Monday evening. Interview and signing.

30th September – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
Tuesday evening 6.30pm. Interview and signing with Dave Haslam.


28th November -Friday – 1981-1982 E.P Now Titled Factus8R Re-Released by Warner for “Black Friday” – Limited edition Clear Vinyl of 6,500 copies – 3,500 US copies available and 3.000 copies available for the EU (500 UK + 2500 Rest Of Europe)

23rd April…. <
Renowned photographer Kevin Cummins exhibits iconic images @ Proud Galleries in London. The exhibition ran from 23rd April to 5th June.
June 29th…..
Warner re-issue Joy Division LPs Unknown Pleasures and Closer on 180 gram Vinyl to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Love Will Tear Us Apart
July 7th….
New Order announce European Tour + Hong Kong and USA Date
4 Nov – Paris, Casino de Paris
6 Nov – Brussels, Ancienne Belgique
8 Nov – Stockholm, Annexet
11 Nov – Berlin, Tempodrom
16 Nov – London, Brixton Academy
19 Nov – Glasgow, Academy
21 Nov – Liverpool, Olympia
24 Nov – Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
29 Nov – Clockenflap Festival, Hong Kong
5 Dec – Manchester – Warehouse Project
6 Dec – Manchester – Warehouse Project
19th / 20th December – Houston, Texas USA – Day for Night Festival
July 24th….
Warner Reissue Joy Division Substance and Still double albums on 180 Gram Vinyl
August 26th – 28th…..
Members of New Order appear at “Pop- Kultur” a brand new festival in Berlin, Germany.
27/8 – Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert in conversation with Daniel Miller and Owen Pallet.
28/8 – Bernard Sumner in conversation with legendary Dj Dave Haslam discussing Bernards autobiography “Chapter and Verse”.
28/9 – Stephen Morris Dj set (First time he has played a set in Germany)







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