The Other Two Timeline……

The Other Two

Steve and Gillian decided to produce their own music under The Other Two moniker. A cheeky poke aimed at their former New Order band mates, Sumner and Hook, who were off doing their solo projects.

October – Tasty fish released on 7″, 12″ CD and cassette single by Factory Records. Charted at number 41 in the UK.

The Other Two and You album which was recorded at their own studio was supposed to be released by Factory Records.
Due to the perilous Factory finances and impending collapse, the release was shelved.
Promo Test pressings of The Other Two and You were pressed by Factory. 5-10 test presses in existence (unconfirmed).

November – Selfish released on new London Records label on 7″, 12″ CD and cassette single. Reaches number 46 in the UK chart.

November – The Other Two and You released by London Records on LP, Cassette and CD. Chart position unknown. CD’s issued with silver foil cover featuring the same artwork were billed as promotional items (unconfirmed).

February – Innocence released as a promo only 12″ on Qwest/Reprise Records in the US.

March – You Can Fly – Supposed to be released on a two CD single set by London Records, withdrawn before they were released.
Promo CD’s / and 2 X 12″ Promo’s were readily available as they had already been sent out to selected press agencies.
A 1 track CDR Acetate titled You Can Fly Radio Edit was also issued by London, a very rare item today.
The two withdrawn You Can Fly singles would go on to become the must have Other Two items for collectors.

June – Superhighways Single released on CD Single by London Chart position unknown. .

June – Superhighways album is released on CD by London Records. Chart position unknown. The 5 track CDR promo sampler is extremely rare these days.

January – The brand new official Other Two site is launched –

June – Swing Project released on 12″and CD – limited run of 1000 copies.
Issued as a soundtrack for the exhibition of Anna Blessman and Peter Saville at the Gallery Frac Chamagne-Ardenne in France which ran between October 2010 and January 2011.
Artwork Design by Peter Savile.500 copies signed by Stephen and Gillian. Released on The Other Two’s own Hard Cheese Label.
The first 500 purchased from were signed by Stephen and Gillian.

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