Timeline…… FAQ’s

Q – What is Timeline?

A – Timeline tells the story of the band from the time the project started to the time it finished, or to present times.

Q – You seem to have missed loads of information about the collapse of Factory, why haven’t you included the info in Timeline?

A – The collapse of Factory is already well documented and Timeline is specifically about the band and their releases and relevant points from the bands career.

Q – Why haven’t you included all the releases in your timeline feature?

A – All of the releases are included in the various band discographies so I felt it unnecessary to replicate them in Timeline.

Q – Why did you do Timeline for the individual bands instead of doing one big Timeline for the main two bands and their side projects?

A – To do one big Timeline including the band and all the various projects would mean a Timeline of about 15 – 20 pages. Experience tells me that people get bored scrolling down page after page of info. Cross referencing dates and times of live gigs, releases etc and trying to put them in one massive Timeline would be an absolute nightmare.

Q – Doesn’t Facebook also have Timeline?

A – Yes it does! Timeline for this site was conceived and started by myself in 2010.

Q – Will you update Timeline if the bands play more gigs or release more material?

A – Yes, Timeline would be updated as needed, as would the comprehensive discographies on this site.

Q – Can  i copy/paste your Timeline and use it on my own website?

A – No, the copyright for the NoW Timelines are reserved by the webmaster and may not be copied/replicated in any way, shape or form unless permission is granted.

Q – Can I send you information for you to use on Timeline?

A – Certainly, all information sent will be credited to the author concerned accordingly.

Q – Where can I send you information to? What is your email address?

A – Send any info to – webmaster@neworderweb.net , see above Q for info credits.